A Shinier New Joind.in

In one of my previous posts I mentioned a little pet project I’ve been working on. I had an initial version out the door and things were working pretty well. It needed a little something else, though. The layout was functional, but not so easy on the eyes. I put out the call to see if there was anyone out there that might want to lend some time to giving the site a bit of a touch-up and, thankfully Jan Sorgalla answered the call.

He’s been working over the past few weeks on a new look and feel for the site to bring it up to that next level. Personally, I think he did an excellent job in both integrating some of the flow of the previous version of the site with a better styling to make the site more usable.

Development on the site is still continuing and more new features are in the works. The system is open to any events, not just PHP-related, out there that might want to have make their lives easier by letting attendees give the speakers their feedback directly.

Check out the new site!



  1. Hey love the new layout. I like where the site is going….just wish I could afford to go to these great conferences/events ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    – Jake


  2. Not too many conferences in england either – they all seem to be across the pond. Great new site though – liking the look of it – reminds me a little of sitepoint. Especially love the logo ๐Ÿ˜€


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