Month: January 2006

What do you want out of your news (podcast)?

Now, I know what a traditional news type show is like – pretty much what I’ve done in the past for the podcast – an intro stating what the date is and a brief mention of some of the top stories. Then, you just dive right in, providing as much detail as you can in a short amount of time.

Been there, done that. (there was no t-shirt involved)

Of course, always in search of different ways to reach different listeners, I wanted to get some opinions from those out there that listen to our shows (and probably even more now that we’re in with php|architect) a chance to voice their opinions back to the hosts. I want to know what kind of information, detail, and structure you’d like to see in the podcast newscasts.

Do you like the standard methods – just reading the news, highlighting a few subjects?
Do you want a more specialized approach, focusing on only 3-4 of the really major points?
Do you want “sub-segments” inside it – for example: PEAR, PHP the language, PHP the community?

There’s been a few ideas for the future of the newscast as well –

  • some way to tie in some kind of visual display to the newscasts, making it easier to click on a link to get to a story.
  • a link off of (maybe something like or /date_stamp) to detail the links that were spotlighted on that episode

So, what are your ideas? What would help you get the most out of the newscasts, more than just listening?


The Few, The Proud, The….1000

Okay, so maybe 1000 isn’t that “few”, but it’s still cool to be amung the likes of Davey Shafik, Andi Gutmans, and several guys from my local PHP users group to be one of the first 1000 to have taken and passed the Zend Certification Exam.

I took mine at the php|tropics conference, and it was a bit hard to wrap my head around some of the questions when all I wanted to do was go hang out by the pool, but apparently I did something right.

So, here it is, displayed proudly for the whole web to see – and here’s to a great future for the certification. May its second 1000 come soon, and make even more of an impact on the PHP community!