Speaking at php|tek 2009 – “No Really, It’s All About You”

Now that the schedule is official and all, I suppose I can post about it – I’m going to be presenting at this year’s php|tek conference (in Chicago) on a developer-centric approach to frameworks – No Really, It’s All About You. Here’s the summary:

You’ve heard it all before – this framework can do this, this other one can do it faster. The lists of features and comparisons go on and on, but there’s one thing those lists forget – the human element.

Frameworks are only as good as the developers using them and in this talk I’ll focus on these developers and how they interact with the tools. How easy is it to create an application in CodeIgniter? What kinds of things does Solar make simpler than others? Is the Zend Framework the best choice for some of the more ‘business applications’?

I’ll take a developer-centric approach to four popular PHP frameworks: CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Solar and the Zend Framework. Topics include speed of application development, how simple they make the simple things and maybe a few benchmarks thrown in for fun.

This will be my first time presenting at a conference and, really, my first time up in front talking about a technology topic. I haven’t had much experience in public speaking so a lot of it will be new to me. Oh well – what’s life for if not for taking those big jumps into the unknown.

So sign up already and come out to Chicago to see myself and lots of other qualified speakers talk about Subversion, streams, the SPL, security and much more…


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