Introducing JsQuickFix

Fans of (@phpdeveloper) or the PHPQuickFix (@phpquickfix) news feeds to keep up with some of the latest things in the PHP community, but looking for something a bit more on the Javascript side are in luck.

To compliment the PHPQuickFix site/twitter account, I’ve started up a Javascript-centric feed of hand-picked items I find in my reading that look useful/interesting/are more than just fluff – JsQuickFix (and @jsquickfix on Twitter).

This uses the same setup I have for the PHPQuickFix feed:

  • using GimmeBar as a data source
  • a simple PHP script to generate an RSS feed of the latest assets
  • Twitterfeed to pull the latest from this feed and post to Twitter

I use the Chrome extension that adds a GimmeBar icon to my toolbar and makes adding new links to these services a few simple clicks away.

To accomplish this, though, I had to shift over to using Collections instead of just pointing it at my main GimmeBar Public feed. Here’s the two collections that will grow in the future:

Enjoy! 🙂


One comment

  1. Nice one. I have forthwith subscribed to both phpquickfix and jsquickfix. Looking forward to following them both.

    However, I note that the phpquickfix RSS feed currently fails to load.

    This is using Firefox’s subscribe to RSS feature that adds the feed into the bookmark toolbar. Viewing the feed source, it looks like it’s all there, but firefox doesn’t seem able to cope with it. I suspect it’s due to the HTML entity codes like & raquo; in the second entry. RSS doesn’t define any named entities, so they should be numbered entity codes, not named ones.

    Since you say you’re generating the RSS using a simple PHP program, it should be easy enough to fix, I hope?

    Thank you. Sorry to complain. You’re doing a great job! 🙂


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