Speaking at CodeWorks 2010 : Austin

Since Marco Tabini won’t be able to make it to the CodeWorks Austin spot this year, Keith Casey asked me if I could fill his spot and give his talk on working with the object oriented features that the PHP 5.3.x series has to offer. Here’s his summary:

With version 5.3, PHP has finally acquired a well-rounded object-orientation model that rivals – and in many way exceed – those of most other languages, while maintaining PHP’s trademark simplicity and ease of use. In this session, Marco will explore the new OOP features in 5.3 and show you how they can improve your coding.

There’s other great talks coming along with the tour that’ll fill you in on things like unit testing strategies, building effective APIs and scalability. If you haven’t picked up your ticket for the Austin stop and want to join us on November 13th (a Saturday), you can still grab a ticket. Full admission for the day packed full of great sessions and community interaction is $100 USD and, if you’d like to purchase a ticket for the Day Camp 4 Developers event, it’s only another $10 USD on top of that!

Come on down (over/up/above?) and join us for this <a href="great day-long event!


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