New @ – Widgets!

With the latest site release over on, we’ve added something a bit more fun for users of the site – handy little widgets that let you embed information from the site into yours. You can see an example of it if you look to the right (well, if you’re looking at the site not the feed, of course).

The widgets currently let you do a few things with a few different bits of information:

  • talks
  • events
  • and users

Each of the widgets comes in different sizes (some are still in the works) and right now you can use a small and large template for the talks, a large template for the events and a large template for the user information. The example I’ve put here on the site is a user widget that lists the talks I’ve claimed on the site and the ratings they’ve been given. Here’s how I called it:



Pretty easy, huh? Well, you can find out more about the widgets on the site here:

For those interested in how it all works, I’m working on a post detailing each of the pieces. If you’d like to look more into the templating used, check out mustache (javascript).

If you haven’t heard of and are involved in events (or speaking) at all, you should check it out! The site lets you give and get real-time feedback on presentations!


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