Articles – Import & WordPress

I’ve been slacking a bit and haven’t posted these two articles/tutorials written up by Lorna Mitchell about using the site in two different ways – importing your event’s information in and a handy WordPress plugin she’s whipped up to show some of the latest information from the site’s API.

  • Importing Data into
    “As a conference organiser I work extensively with the site, which allows attendees to comment on sessions at a conference. Recently the site has also started supporting sessions with both times and tracks, making it indispensable as a way of keeping track of all the sessions during an event. The only downside is entering all the data into it!! does have some import functionality, which I recently rebuilt to reflect the timings and track changes, however this only accepts XML at present, so there is still some preparation work to get your data ready to import.”
  • WordPres Plugin for
    In case anyone thinks I’ve gone crazy after already writing about its import functionality this week, I really haven’t. Its just that some months of pulling a few things together have finally bourne fruit and so I can actually write about them now they are done! The good news is that this includes a plugin for wordpress, which pulls data from the website. You can find its official page on the wordpress plugin directory here:

Many thanks to Lorna for writing these up! It’s always great to see something you’ve worked on be well used by the community that has contributed so much back to it. Want more information on and what it has to offer? Check out the About page or send an email to me personally – i’m always happy to answer any questions!


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