A Shiny BlackBerry Pearl?

So I’ve been thinking about upgrading my cell phone for a little bit now (stupid tempting ads in the mail) and I’ve been looking around for something I thought would make a nice upgrade from my current flip-phone. What I really wanted was something with a bit more power so I took a look at the PDA/Smartphone category on my provider’s website. There were some nice ones on there (expensive ones too) but the one that really caught my eye was this one:

I’ve been using a BlackBerry (older model) at work and have found it pretty easy to use. The one for work is a bit bigger and older, so the slightly smaller size of the Pearl would be nice. The only problem I’ve come across, though, is the differing opinions as to the quality of the phone and things like battery life, signal strength, etc. I’ve seen a lot of people on forums swear by them and, two threads down, people cursing them after having to exchange them four times already.

Has anyone out there had any experience with these phones? Are they worth making the upgrade to or should I just walk on by?



  1. hey, it may be too late but if not, i wouldn’t recommend the blackberry pearl. the button in the middle loses sensitivity over time. also, words get crammed together and if you’re a fast text’r then you’ll send weird messages like “are you tomorrow” instead of “see you tomorrow”. when the little button wears down and you do notice an error then scrolling to the right answer can be a pain.

    did you get the pearl? if so, are you encountering any of the problems i just listed?


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