Solar Form Validation Types

This is partially for my reference and partially for anyone looking at validating in their Solar_Form forms – here’s the validation methods (as defined in /Solar/Filter.php):

Each of these can be used when defining the form, commonly in the setElements structure like so:

$form = Solar::factory(‘Solar_Form’);
array(‘notBlank’,’Enter a password!’)

#reftable { border-collapse: collapse; }
#reftable td { padding: 3px; border: 1px solid #C0D0D9 }
#reftable td.header { background-color: #C0D0D9 }

Type Details
alnum Validate that valid is only alphabetic and numeric characters
alpha Validate that value is only alphabetic
blank Validate that there’s nothing in the field, it’s blank
callback Validate against a callback function – call is given the value and callback function name
ctype Checks the value with the ctype_* function built into PHP
email Validates as a valid email address
feedback Validates and only returns a message on failure, returns feedback as a string
inKeys Validate that the value is one of the keys of the given array
inList Validates that the entered value is in a given array (as value, not key)
integer Checks to ensure that the value is an integer (contains + or – and numbers, no decimals)
ipv4 Validates to check for a correct ipv4 address
isoDate Ensures that value is a correctly formatted ISO 8601 date (yyyy-mm-dd)
isoTime Validates that value is a correct ISO 8601 time format (HH:MM:SS)
isoTimestamp Validates that value matches the full ISO 8601 timestamp format (yyyy-mm-ddThh:ii:ss)
localeCode Checks to see if the value is a valid locale code (two a-z letters, an underscore and two A-Z letters)
max Checks to see if the given value is greater than or equal to the ‘max’ given
maxLength Checks the value to ensure that it’s less than or equal to the maximum length given
mimeType Checks to see if the value is a valid mime type (follows the regular expression: [a-zA-Z][-.a-zA-Z0-9+]*)
min Checks to see if the value given is less than or equal to a minimum
minLength Checks the value to be sure it’s at least a minimum length
multiple Allows you to perform multiple validations on the same value
notZero Ensures that the value does not exactly equal zero
notBlank Ensure that a string, when trimmed, is not empty
range Ensure that the value given is in a certain range
rangeLength Validate that the length of the given value is within a certain range
regex Match the value against a given regular expression
scope Checks to be sure that the given value only has a certain number of digits and decimals
sepWords Validate that the value is made up of separate words
uri Validate that the input is a valid URI
word Ensure that the value is made up of only “word” characters

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