A ZendCon T-shirt Wrapup

Update: if anyone happens to know if a cheap way to get things overseas from the US, please let me know. I want to send these shirts out, but I can’t seem to find a cost-effective solution.

So, I’m back from this year’s Zend/PHP Conference & Expo and am looking over the damage done to the PHPDeveloper.org shirt population (my wrapup of the conference will come in another post). From the looks of things, I apparently underestimated the correct size of the average PHP conference goer. I started off with 50 shirts of varying sizes (M/L/XL) divided up into mostly XL shirts. It seems, though, that most of the people that were given a shirt by the end of the week ended up with a Large size (not the XL like I had figured – no offense meant to the other coders out there).

So, as a result, here’s the tally of what I have left – out of the 50 t-shirts, there’s 23-ish (I owe one or two to different people) of them left to be up for grabs for anyone out there. It’s first come, first serve, so if you want one, get while the gettin’s good:

Medium: 8
Large: 5
Extra-Large 10

(I’ll try to keep this post updated as the shirts are dropped from the list)

All you need to do to get your hands on one of these shirts is to drop me a line and let me know your shipping information. There’ll only be a $7 charge on top of the shipping to help pay for the shirts. Donations of more are always welcome and will go to help the site directly.

If you’d like to see some “action shots” of the shirts and where they were showing up at the conference, check out these great photos:

And, of course, my personal favorite shot – when Cal got up and plugged the shirts as part of his announcements one morning (no, I didn’t ask him to – as much of a surprise to me as anyone).

So, if you’re interested in grabbing one of these shirts (see this other entry for some more detailed photos), email me and let me know.



  1. We should have thought about shipping before half the people at the conference went to europe šŸ™‚

    I know you can stuff a t-shirt into a $9 international priority mail envelope.


  2. Hi can any tell me know what will be the size of large T- shirts. I usually wear a shirt of size 39 thats suit me well. which will fall in that size..


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