The Hostile Takeover of the PHPDN Forums

Over on the PHPDN Forums, it seems there’s something of a mutany going on (from this blog post):

In the last 48 hours, has been taken over by a tyrant, very quietly.

A moderator and site admin, McGruff, made insulting and arrogant comments in an OOP v. Procedural thread. He was quickly called on it by me, and the rest of the moderation team there.

After a public debate, where he was chastised for breaking the rules of the forum, and asked to step down, he appointed himself dictator.

He banned the majority of the moderation team (anyone that disagreed with him), banned me, and changed the hosting panel password.

In essence, McGruff has declared that he *is* phpdevnet.

I, myself, am a Moderator over on these boards, and it’s a shame to see someone abuse their power so blatently. Oh course, before the group that’s been shoved asside does anything rash, they’re looking to Jason (of the former NewbieNetwork site and the “owner” of the forums) for an official response and call to action.

In preparation, though, a backup of the forums has already been created and a new domain posted. This is a second choice to keeping the same domain and site (it’s always such a pain to lose/change a domain, especially one that’s been around that long), so keep your fingers crossed on this one. These are also the forums that points to – a shared point for all of the PHPDN sites to use as a forum.

To talk with some of the people heading up the effort, come on over to #phpdn on the network, and stay tuned for more updates as things progress…

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  1. Unbelievable. FUBAR, indeed. I’ve been reading stuff for the last 30mins but I’m still shaking my head. Simply unbelievable.


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