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Chris Cornutt


I’m a PHP developer living in Dallas, TX who is highly involved with the PHP community through my websites PHPDeveloper.org, Websec.io¬†and through attending and speaking at numerous conferences around the US. I am also a co-organizer of the Dallas-based Lone Star PHP Conference.

I’ve been doing the PHP thing since college (1998 or so) when a friend of mine introduced me to the language as a “web version of Perl”. I was hooked and have been working with it ever since, both in my professional career and in the community projects I’m associated with.

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Email: ccornutt@phpdeveloper.org
Twitter: @enygma
AIM: ccornutt42

Current Resume

Chris Cornutt [PDF]


For more information about conferences and groups I’ve spoken at, please see the talks page.


You can find articles, tutorials and books I’ve contributed to on the writing page.


  1. Great Blog Chris, some very good reads. Congratulations you have made my RSS Feeds.
    Your template has a BUG with displaying PHP syntax on your homepage on Google Chrome. It is clipping the sidebar.

    Much Thanks

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