ZendCon ’07 and the Revenge of the PHPDev T-Shirts

Just thought I’d drop a note to all that’ll be attending this year’s Zend/PHP Conference & Expo – the t-shirts that I made up last year (see here for what they look like) will be making an appearance this year as well.

I’m not sure exactly how many of the shirts I have left (I’ll update this post later on with the numbers) but I’ll be bringing them along and will have them with me during the conference. I think they’re mostly mediums and extra-larges.

So, if you’re attending and would like a free t-shirt (yes, that’s right – free! woo!) from PHPDeveloper.org, be sure to track me down and harass me. I’ll be wearing one the first day so I should be pretty easy to spot.

UPDATE: I checked out the t-shirt supply I have left – 8 mediums, 5 larges and 7 extra-larges. If you’d like me to save one (like Wez has already posted his preference) add a comment here and I’ll set one aside. It’ll be first come first serve after that, though – so if you’re wanting one, add a note or find me fast :)


  1. Hey,

    would love a large T-shirt, would be attending the my first php conf. Need ot know if this will be good investment to get some networking done?

    Apurva M

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