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With the announcement of the speakers for this year’s Zend/PHP Conference it seems I’ll be giving three talks this fall (in the span of two months):

First at CodeWorks 2009 (Dallas) I’ll be giving a talk on best practices, standards and tools to help with both in your PHP development:

  • “B,S,T…Easy as 1,2,3″

The other two will be at ZendCon (in San Jose). They’re on two different topics:

  • “Taming the Deployment Beast” – looking at some of the development and deployment practices that can make releasing your code simpler
  • “Right Where You Belong (The PHP Community)” – no matter what your skill level or area of focus, everyone has a place they can call their own in the PHP community. This talk highlights a few of them.

Hope to see you all there! Here’s more info on the two conferences: CodeWorks (Sept. 26th-27th in Dallas) and ZendCon (Oct. 19th-22nd in San Jose)

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4 Responses to “Speaking in the Fall”

  1. Luca

    Will you publish these slides ?

  2. enygma

    Definitely..I’ll have them over on Slideshare once I’ve presented them:

  3. JJ

    I’ll be at CodeWorks 2009 (Dallas) and I hope to see your talk if my schedule allows. I’m looking forward to the event.

  4. enygma

    @JJ cool! be sure to stop by and say hi :)

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