Slides for my php|tek talk: “No Really, It’s All About You”

I’ve put my slides for my framework presentation from this year’s php|tek conference – “No Really, It’s All About You” comparing CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Solar and the Zend Framework – up on Slideshare:

Unfortunately, no one was there to record the resulting “discussion” that came from the questions after – heh.

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6 Responses to “Slides for my php|tek talk: “No Really, It’s All About You””

  1. Ambirex

    Just a note Kohana isn’t a fork any longer. It started life as a fork but has since been completely rewritten and should be considered its own framework.

  2. seifolah

    Hi.thanks for your slides.
    I’m newer in php.I heard some thing about symfony framework.
    Whats your opinion?

  3. thierrybo


    I wonder how you can seriously compare frameworks and forget Symfony …

  4. Steve-o

    Yawn…seems like everyone and their mother just learned how to implement the MVC pattern in PHP and is now publishing a “framework.”

  5. netcrash


    I was sorry to see you didn’t mention symphony and was curious about your opinion on it.


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