Querying Arrays

Before I really get into it, I wanted to ask if anyone knew of a something already written in PHP to query arrays. Something kind of like:


$seek=’foo one’;

$query = new ArrayQuery($seek,$arr);


…where $query would contain the node of key “one” and its contents, “this”. I’ve found myself needing something like this a few times recently, but haven’t been able to find something.

Does anyone know of anything like this or would find it useful in their own development work?



  1. Actually, it’s a bit more than that – more of a pattern patching rather than just looking for one certain value. So that “foo bar baz” only return results if there’s something that matches the key of “foo” with a subkey of “bar” with a subkey of “baz”.

    The real key to what I want, though, is the ability to return something that’s the same as (with a regular expression) “foo bar[0-9]+ baz” with the potential of returning a set of indexes with their values.


  2. Similar, but it’d be nice if it was flexible enough to match on both keys and values like (borrowing from CSS selectors some):

    foo bar baz[contains=’my test’]

    that would rock…


  3. This concept would be extremely helpful because I find myself having to ‘query’ deeply nested arrays in a new web app that I’ve been developing. If this could work using CSS selector specs, it’s even better!

    So far, I have yet to find a pre-written class or function that does this well. I’ll have a look at fQuery.


  4. SDO_XML has the ability for you to use a xslt style query on an array object.

    Its a pretty cool interface:

    $graph [“//path/on/struct[objectmember=’foo’]”] = whatever;


  5. why waste a function call and do such long code like

    $seek=‘foo one’;

    $query = new ArrayQuery($seek,$arr);

    The plain old PHP style $arr[‘foo’][‘one’] is much simpler and shorter, without doing a function call. Easy..



  6. function QueryArray($search = null, $input = array())
    $search = explode(‘|’, $search);

    foreach ($search as $row)
    $input = $input[$row];
    return $input;

    $search = ‘item2|subitem’;

    $input = array(
    ‘item1’ => ‘item1’,
    ‘item2’ => array(
    ‘subitem’ => ‘subitem’,

    echo QueryArray($search, $input);


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