Talkin’ T-Shirts

So, remember the t-shirt idea I mentioned before for the conference? Well, I’ve thrown something together for it and wanted to get some feed back on it from all of you lovely readers out there. Here’s the thumbnails.

I wanted to keep in mind both promoting the site (woo!) and the community too (yay!), so I kept the front simple with the PHP opening tag and my domain on the front and on the back….drum roll please….a tag cloud of the people/projects/companies that help make the PHP community what it is today. The different terms are different sizes, but that’s more for stylistic reasons than any kind of reference. There’s no way I could ever figure out how much each of them has contributed to the community and rank them, so I just went with picking at random.

So then, two questions for you all:

  • First off, do you like the design? Would you wear it and enjoy it?
  • And, secondly, would you buy one? Really what I’m getting at here is asking how big of a first run I would need to do. I’m going to have them at this year’s Zend Con but I didn’t know what the demand would be for them outside of that.

So, let me know on the above points – I’d appreciate any kind of feedback you can give!



  1. Hah! I was toying with ideas on cafepress ’cause I needed a new jumper and was thinking I’d personalize something up along just these lines. Way to show up at the party wearing the same thing ;p

    Seriously though, we’re getting royalties right?


  2. I’ll take one. However, it would be really great if the tag cloud could be synchronized when connecting the shirt with the net (usb cables not included) πŸ˜‰


  3. I like the T-Shirt. One thing that I could point out is that it would be better if you linked to uploads to the actual address rather than “/wp-content/uploads/tshirtidea.gif”. Reading this in Planet PHP links it to “…”

    Love the T-Shirt though!


  4. Ya I love wearing shirts that no-one i know has any understanding of what it means.
    I would like black with fluro green writting. Dont know why just sounds different


  5. Forgive the delayed reaction to your t-shirt, I was on vacation when you posted this and it passed me by! I would definitely wear a tee like that! How much, and where can I get one?


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