I wonder how hard it would be to create a service, targeted at smaller groups (like the PHP Women) to make the distribution of their t-shirts easier.

I know there’s sites like CafePress and Zazzle out there that let you set up custom stores with custom shirts on them, but a more community-centric site might be nice too. The shirts could even be tagged with the conference they were given out at so people could “collect them all” if they wanted. anyone?

Any comments/suggestions/flames on the topic? Would this even be something that would be used?

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  1. Manfred

    yeah definitely. cool php t-shirts are very seldom and one central place for that would be nice I think.

  2. Stefan

    We might want to have a look at as well. Quality of those shirts beats Cafepress anytime, and I think one of their devs is active in the Zend Framework community. They have an API available as well IIRC. And they do on-demand stuff, so no upfront setup costs for the shirts.

    You can create your own store there, you just have to pay if you want to upload more than 1(?) vector-based design there.

  3. Ivo Jansch

    Be sure to make XXL ones though if you go through with this idea. ;-)

  4. Matthew Turland

    Great idea! Looking at, it looks like it might be just the kind of site to support such an effort. Bring up the idea in #phpc and see if anyone bites. :)

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