Webmaster Jam Session 2007

Yeah, so it’s a little late to mention it (the conference starts bright and early tomorrow morning), but I’m going to be hanging out the next two days at this year’s Webmaster Jam Session here in Dallas. Looks like a good lineup this year – I’d wanted to go last year, but scheduling conflicts didn’t allow it.

Being all PHP, all the time is a nice place to be, but it’s good to branch out and get a little bit of the other side of things. My inner designer is practically jumping for joy.

Webmaster Jam Session 2007 at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Dallas, Tx

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  1. Dennis Pallett

    I think you’ve got some security problem, because this entry is filled with spam links (look at the html source or through an RSS reader).

  2. Dave Child

    Saw the same thing. Links are hidden on this page with CSS but visible in RSS.

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