The Results are In…

Well, no more being anxious about the Zend Certification Exam (taken two weeks ago – does that make me impatient?) – an email came today that sealed my fate for the PHP 5 version of the test…

I passed! :) I am officially a PHP 5 Certified Engineer :)

Woo! It’s funny how, no matter how old you get, you always (well, I always) seem to feel the the same way after I’ve taken a test and am waiting on the results. Either way, it’s always a relief to find out the result – good or bad. Thankfully, it turned out good this time :) Congrats to all of the others out there that took the test and are new ZCEs!

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  1. Toby

    Congratulations! :)

    Did you like the test?

  2. Rob...

    Congratulations! How did you find the test?



  3. John Herren


  4. stefan

    Congratulations! I hope to take the test soon as well, my employer will be making arrangements soon :)

  5. Joseph Crawford

    Congrats. I plan to take the test at some point. I could probably go now and pass but I get this feeling before any test that if i do not cram for it for a few weeks prior that I will not do well lol.

    I get this with every test I have to take so I need to study a bit before I go take the exam ;)

  6. enygma

    @Toby – yeah, I did. I definitely found it more challenging than the previous one. I was actually worried whether I would pass this one or not ;) There seemed to be a good spread of questions covering a lot of ground. They were well weighted towards PHP 5 and less about the general PHP knowledge.

    @Rob – see above :)

    Thanks to all for the congrats – if you’re worried about the test, the book that php|architect offers seems to be a good source to help catch you up. There’s stuff on the test, though, that you just need to know how things work to get the answer. Teaching the functions and how-tos behind what PHP can do is much different than knowing how to use them.

  7. Eugen

    @ enygma : Congrats and much success :)

  8. m3mn0n

    Congrats, man! I’m going to be doing that myself. I got the practice questions book and the study guide so wish me luck! :)

  9. Eric Jackman

    Did they change the delivery format for the ZCE when they upgraded to php 5 certification? I took the ZCE back in October when it was still the php 4 cert and they gave me my results immediately. I find it cruel to make you wait two weeks to see how you did.

  10. Nils Hitze

    Damn, congrats.
    I wanted to take Zend certified 4 but i was to lazy.

    Maybe in a few months.

  11. sonia many experience do you have ?

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