A Few Web Dev Ideas on a Thursday Night

Current Ideas:

  • forum software that takes advantage of Ajax technology to have a popup of items you’ve marked to watch (or maybe even just items you’ve replied on/created – or both!) to show when they’ve been updated
  • a directory for podcasters to list themselves as tegged items by what kinds of interviews and topics they’d like to speak on
  • a method for combining the google/yahoo maps api with a soundseeing tour of various places (mashup, anyone?)
  • a firefox extension that, given a block of text selected from a website, pulls not only the text, but the HTML that goes along with it too

If anyone knows of anything that fits these or wants to steal…er borrow the ideas, feel free. Or if they seem at all interesting – let me know…

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4 Responses to “A Few Web Dev Ideas on a Thursday Night”

  1. Chris Shiflett

    For the fourth item, just right-click the highlighted selection and choose “View Selection Source.”

  2. enygma

    Ahhh….I just needed to turn the “AutoCopy” to setting of “Deselect After Copy” to off – then I could see that option.

    Groovy – thanks!

  3. James Dykes

    Why not make an AJAX tutorial site?

  4. Dennis Pallett

    vBulletin actually uses quite a lot of Ajax already, for things like quick reply and the moderator tools.

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