The Pie Knows All

I’m sure it’s all over the place by now, but this is just too good to not post.
I’m pretty sure about 99.9% of the readers of this blog with completely understand…


  1. That was a big laught :-D

    But you don’t need to kill the IE user, just install firefox on theyr machines, they won’t recongize the difference.

  2. I think you missed out the time spent assuring the boss everything is going to “eventually” work despite Microsoft, IE, and all other evil souls!!

  3. Incredible ! I was just going to send a reply to this post and bam, out of nowhere, windows blue screen !!! Right there, more minutes in the purple section :)

    Anyway, very funny indeed, especially the part with the CSS. I think we all have to deal with the rest and it’s a fatality, but the CSS, why torturing ourself with it ?

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