One ToDo list to rule them all?

Okay, so _ I’m going to put this out there so I can get some feedback. I’m looking for a good To Do list manager with a few criteria:

  • I’d love for it to have desktop software that would sync with the site (or some other resource) and allow me offline access to the lists
  • It needs to be able to prioritize items
  • It should definitely allow main and sub-categories (one level of categories? that’s crazy talk)
  • The desktop software would need to be cross-platform (pc & mac) – maybe an AIR client?
  • Bonus points if it allows sharing between users or just public access to the lists (RSS?)
  • Mobile support is cool, but not required

I like the simplicity of some of the tools out there, but none of them seem to meet what I’m looking for. Is there anyone out there that’s come across something like this? It’s driving me nuts that there’s not one that’ll fit my needs.

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  1. Alexey

    We’re working on something that has capabilities very close to what you’re looking for.
    Check this out:

    We have recently released Basecamp integration so that would be your site to sync with (also working on our own backup/sync solution)

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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  3. Krzysztof Kotlarski

    Tough requirements.
    I use OmniFocus (Mac + iOS). Remember The Milk might be worth a try too.

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