Writing on Ajaxian.com

As I’m sure several of you know, besides PHPDeveloper.org, I’ve also been running another news site, AjaxDeveloper.org. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have time for both, and rather than allowing both news sites to suffer, I’m no longer going to post over on AjaxDeveloper.org.

It’s not all bad news, though. I’ve been talking to the guys over on Ajaxian.com (a very good Ajax-oriented site, if you haven’t seen it) and things have been set up for me to be an author over there now. AjaxDeveloper, being an entire site standing on its own was a bit of work – that’s the part I didn’t have enough time for. So, with this new arrangement, I can post the things I normally would have on AjaxDev and contribute what I can to the Ajax community.

I’ve already posted several things and have mentioned to the other authors that there probably will be a lot more PHP-related content coming to the site as well…


  1. Ajaxian is one of the better sites out there so far for all ajax all the time. I actually haven’t heard of ajaxdeveloper.org before so I’ll give that a checking out.

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