Auto-Downloading a “My Vidcasts” Kind of Thing

With yet another random brief thought in the area of web development tonight, I present tonight’s idea:

As all of the IPTv stuff (like commandN, the Broken, System, etc) become more and more popular, does there need to be a system to download stuff like this automatically. I’ve seen that some of them provide a bitorrent feed to ease some of the bandwidth issues that might come up with video downloads, and I’ve seen this (TapeItOffTheInternet), but I wonder if it will support these new kinds of stations.

Of course, the larger audience will be for the regular TV shows and the like, but I wonder if (especially since most of the shows are more technology-driven) there should be a site that would read in RSSes of the vidcast feeds out there and allow users to pick the shows they want to download. Then they would only have to subscribe to the one feed and grab all of the latest episodes at one time.

Something like this written in PHP could be ridiculously easy to implement, and the links in the RSS file enclosures for each item wouldn’t even need to link to local copies…

“IPTv Netowkr” here we come?

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